Buy Buy Baby Model or Bust?

So, I’ve been hinting the last few days on twitter and instagram that Eliana had a big day ahead of her, but sneaky me wasn’t giving much detail beyond that. I wanted to be careful about setting a high expectation and then something fall apart or the photoshoot get cancelled. Needless to say, there was a photoshoot yesterday with Buy Buy Baby— but I do not expect a call back in the near century.

I do have proof below though that she did indeed actually smile at some point while we were in the building.

There was this….such a happy girl, right?

And then this face….Excited right? So cute, right?

And then there was this. This is when the day starts to unravel.

Eliana was chosen to be in a print/image ad for their upcoming spring catalog. We were more than thrilled and excited to be apart of a great company and add a little money to her savings.

Then Saturday night happened

the sniffles, coughing, drooling, teething, sneezing, crying, watery eyes.

We spent most Sunday resting— hoping that she would at least feel a little better and upbeat enough to give them one good shot. That’s all they need— ONE SHOT! I just knew she could do it. We woke up Monday morning and she seemed to be in great spirits. Yes, she was still sneezing and coughing, but other than that she seemed very upbeat and ready to go.

To make a long, traumatic story short, it.was.a.disaster. She cried the entire time. It was awful. She hated life. I hated her life for her. She cried. She snotted. She reached for mommy. She drooled. I cringed. My mom cringed….

I felt like the worst parent ever. 

Luckily, the crew helping with the shot were more than pleasant. They reassured me that this kind of thing happens all the time and they all were extremely professional.

With that said, when I jokingly made the remark, “I guess Buy Buy Baby won’t be casting Eliana again any time again soon?” They all politely grinned and moved on to another conversation. 

There is still a glimmer of hope, maybe a speck, that they were able to get one, maybe two shots. I’m not holding my breath, but at least this will make a great story for the future.

Oh and just for fun and a huge shout out to Nana, here’s a pic of Eliana NOT cryinig in the dressing room.

Can’t you just see the enthusiasm?

So there you have it.

Eliana might/might not be in a Buy Buy Baby mailer/facebook/website ad

but probably not.


  1. myivflife said: Haha, this made me laugh out loud! Gotta love how these kids can just pick their moments so perfectly right? But for the record I would hire her!
  2. sweet-mommyhood said: I’m sure they got something. I don’t know how baby photographers do it! I am in aww of them.
  3. babylately said: she totally should, she is such a little beauty :)
  4. dearbaby said: the pictures don’t work! I wanna see my sweet E
  5. eerriinnbbaaeerr said: That’s amazing! BUT I can’t see the pictures :(
  6. katunedited said: I can’t see the pics! I’m sorry she didn’t feel well :( That is pretty awesome though!
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